Robert Lawrence & Jill Greene

Traditional and Contemporary Celtic Folk Music



Medals of Gold

Copyright 2009 - Robert Lawrence



         Am                                   F
Now he was a soldier he did what he was told
       C                                                G
He believed all the words and the lies he was sold
             Am                       Em                  F               C     
and he knew he’d come home with his medals of gold
              C                  G                 C
And his father would love him at last


So he went to Iraq to bring freedom to them

And he thought they’d all love him for what he had done

And he knew that his father would think of his son

And welcome him into his heart.


Into Baghdad he marched and he acted so proud

You are all free now, he said to the crowd

But they just looked down and some cried out loud

As they laid their dead children to rest


Well sometimes that happens when there is a war

But you’re better off now than you were before

And a father just looked at his child on the floor

And couldn’t find any more tears.


Back home on the news they said things were just fine

We’re winning the fight and we’re holding the line

And if you just send more troops we’ll be out in no time

And come home with our medals of gold.


Well the day finally came when they sent him back home

All covered in glory and medals of gold

But the flag on his coffin was all wet and cold

As his father stood out in the rain.


And the soldier’s father thought of his son

And all of the things he knows he should have done

And the love he denied him until he was gone

And now it’s too late for them all


Well the President saluted with a sorrowful eye

As the flag draped boxes moved silently by

And the soldier’s proud moment had passed them all by

And what was it all really for.


And the soldier’s father looked up to the sky

He whispered to his son as his coffin passed by

and he knew he had failed him and he wanted to cry

But he couldn’t find any more tears.


They gave him a flag in a triangle fold

And they handed him all of the medals of gold

And they said that his son had done all he was told

As they laid him down into the ground.


But the war’s doing fine and the young men still run

They line up to join and they stand in the sun

Just give them a tin hat and give them a gun

And they’ll go get their medals of gold.


Do you even remember what we’re fighting for

Do you remember the reason they started this war

Doesn’t anyone ask what we’re doing it for.

Is it only for the medals of gold.

Yes it’s only for medals of gold.

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